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Laser CO2

Laser engraving is a marking method using a laser beam. Computer controlling laser beam with highest precision remove material from surface of the engraved object or burns the pattern directly in the metal.
Engraver is very elegant and esthetic. It is technique more durable than others methods of marking, it is not destroyed under the influence of chemicals.


By CO2 laser we can marking all items which we can’t marking by fiber laser. These are, for example: wood, cardboard, rubber, PU pin, some plastics etc.



Quantity: L3
(to 10 cm2)
(to 20 cm2)
from 10 to 49 pieces 1.99 zł 2.49 zł
from 50 to 99 pieces 0.99 zł 1.49 zł
from 100 to 499 pieces 0.89 zł 1.29 zł
from 500 to 999 pieces 0.69 zł 1.09 zł
from 1 000 to 4 999 pieces 0.49 zł 0.79 zł
from 5 000 to 10 000 pieces 0.39 zł 0,69 zł
over 10 000 pieces 0.35 zł 0.65 zł


1. The prices quoted should include VAT (23 %).
2. The final price is always quoted on an individual calculation.
3. Prices refers to marking in one place.
4. L3 refers laser marking up to 10 cm2 or 20 cm2.
5. Cost of set markers: L3 – 10,00 zł net.
6. Cost of unpacking/packing items in foil bags or cardboard box is 0,03 zł net/pieces.