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Pad printing

Method of tampon print, it depends on applying ink on article using silicon stamp. This kind of prints is similar to popular rubber stamp but ink is collected by stamp from previously prepared steel plate, next the stamp strikes the labeled item leaving a permanent print.


This technique give huge possibilities printing especially on items with irregular form such as ball pens, pencils, convex or concave planes of promotional articles. In pad printing very important is correct selection of ink for each products, thanks for that print becomes practically indelible. Pad printing we are using for printing on all plastic article and also metal. paper, carton, wood etc. possibilities are unlimited.


This method of print allows marking lot of articles in short time what decrease time of order fulfillment. Printing done this technique have high resolution, even small inscription (high about 3 mm) stay readable.



Quantity: T1
(plastic ball pens)
(keychains and small items)
(bigger items)
from 10 to 49 pieces 1,61 zł 1,79 zł 2.49 zł
from 50 to 99 pieces 0,61 zł 0.79 zł 1.49 zł
from 100 to 499 pieces 0.21 zł 0.39 zł 0.99 zł
from 500 to 999 pieces 0.13 zł 0.34 zł 0.55 zł
from 1 000 to 4 999 pieces 0.11 zł 0.19 zł 0.42 zł
from 5 000 to 10 000 pieces 0.09 zł 0.13 zł 0.28 zł
over 10 000 pieces 0.08 zł 0.11 zł 0.24 zł


1. The prices quoted should include VAT (23 %).
2. The final price is always quoted on an individual calculation.
3. Prices apply to prints in one color, in one place.
4. T1 refers to the print on pens and other smaller gadgets.
5. T2 refers to the print on key rings and bigger gadgets.
6. T3 refers to the print on big articles and on items that require pre-preparation for printing, such as metal.
7. Cost of prepare the matrix for one colour is T1 – 5,00 zł net, T2 – 10,00 zł net, T3 – 20,00 zł net.
8. Cost of print every next colour is + 100 % of prices the first colour and cost of prepare the matrix for additional colour – 50 zł net
9. Cost of unpacking/packing items in foil bags or cardboard box is 0,03 zł net/pieces.