Screen printing is a technology which uses a polyester or nylon mesh for printing which allows the ink to pass through.
A very economical printing method for higher print runs. High durability of prints on textiles.
Vivid and saturated colours.

The fastest textile printing house.

Comprehensive printing service for promotional clothing and gadgets. Your ideas deserve the best execution! 

Printing techniques

Screen printing icon prints on clothing and promotional gadgets


Screen printing - a very widely used printing technique consisting in printing directly on an object. The main feature of screen printing is durability, the print provides incredible resistance to washing, abrasion and other external conditions. Perfect for printing advertising T-shirts

Sublimation Icon printing on clothing and promotional gadgets


Sublimation is a simple and efficient technique for making high-quality prints. It involves melting a dye into polyester fibres of a T-shirt or polyester-coated ceramics using a specialised press. Sublimation printing has no limitations as to the number of colours and print run (possible from as little as 1 piece).

Embroidery BODMAN Print house prints on clothing and promotional gadgets


Computer embroidery is the most durable method of decorating clothes. It is created with the use of computer-controlled embroidery machines. The most exclusive marking method in our offer. Possibility to obtain various effects thanks to the use of metallised, fluorescent or fire-resistant threads.



DTG digital printing - the most popular method of decorating individual pieces of clothing. DTG printing means very high precision of printing and no limitations as to the number of colours used in the project. Graphics are printed directly on the material using water-based inks with a safety certificate, the so-called Oeko-Tex Eco-Passport.

Pad Printing BODMAN


Pad printing - the pad printing method consists in applying ink to the marked material with the use of a silicone stamp called a pad. Pad printing is very similar to popular stamps. However, the ink is taken by the pad from a previously etched steel plate, then the pad strikes the marked item leaving a permanent print. Pad printing is used in marking advertising gadgets

laser engraving BODMAN


Engraver - A marking method using a laser beam. The computer-controlled laser beam precisely removes material from the surface of the engraved object, or burns a pattern directly into the metal. Laser marking is characterized by an elegant and aesthetic appearance, this technique is much more durable than other marking methods, it does not get destroyed under the influence of chemicals.

Screen printing transfer BODMAN


Transfer screen printing is a very similar marking method to direct screen printing. The difference is that in case of screen printing, the printouts are made on silicone paper or foil, then glue is applied to the printout and finally the whole thing is dried and hardened in the heating tunnel. After such fixation, the prints are ready to be applied to various types of material.

UV printing


FLEX - one of the most durable methods of creating prints, which consists in cutting a pattern from adhesive-coated film and then pressing it into the material using a thermo-transfer press. This technique makes it possible to produce reflective, metallic and very smooth prints, as well as to obtain a convex and 3D effect. It is most often used to decorate prints and personalise clothing (names, numbers).

Printing on garments

Promotional clothing

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When contacting us, you don't need to be a specialist in marking and printing. Our trained staff will be happy to listen to your questions, clear your doubts and advise you on the best method of marking. With over 16 years of experience, we can select the right technique for your project so you can enjoy a fantastic product in the best quality.

Meet our company

We have been active in the production of advertising clothing,for over 16 years. We have a modern textile printing house, thanks to which we can offer practically every method of clothing decoration, starting with the most popular ones such as screen printing, embroidery, DTG digital printing or sublimation through to services such as ’full service', where we produce fully personalised garments to specific customer orders.

BODMAN advertising clothing and promotional gadgets

Our wholesale of advertising and promotional clothing has textiles of such brands as Gildan, Fruit of the Loom, Hanes, Adler, B&C, Bella, Result and many others. Thanks to many years of cooperation with distributors we have negotiated very favourable price conditions, thanks to which our offer for logo apparel delivery is so attractive and among the cheapest on the market.

But BODMAN is not only advertising clothing. Our portfolio also includes a comprehensive service of production of advertising gadgets. In our catalogue we offer several thousand items. These include pens with prints, lighters, bottles, measures, notebooks. We advise comprehensively and choose the type of marking to the object so that the final gadgets that will go into your hands were of the highest quality.

Who we are and how we work are determined by the needs and desires of our Customers and Contractors. BODMAN is a flexible and dynamic company which responds quickly to changes in customer requirements. We focus on details in order to fulfil orders for the benefit of both parties.

The main objective of the BODMAN printing house and clothing wholesaler is to understand our customers and satisfy their needs through high quality service. We meet the expectations of our customers by providing comprehensive services for both the supply and production of promotional clothing, advertising clothing and gadgets. We believe that the most important person in BODMAN company is our CLIENT, therefore we think in terms of his needs.

Working with us means:

Comprehensive printing service for advertising clothing and promotional gadgets

Comprehensive printing service

Wholesale prices for promotional clothing and all decorating techniques in one company

Expert advice on selection of clothing and promotional gadgets

Professional advice

Proper selection of marking methods for the production of advertising garments

print express marking for advertising garments

Express Print

Printed promotional garments in 24 hours More than 20,000 prints per day

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