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Shirt embroidery - elegant promotional and advertising shirts.

Embroidery on corporate and business shirts

Are you the owner of a hotel, guesthouse or tourist centre? Do your customers have direct contact with your employees? Or maybe the image of your employees is most important to you, you want them to look professional and inspire confidence? Today we will present you the possibility of marking elegant products with embroidery on a shirt.

Embroidery on employee shirts. Obligation or fad?

Unlike health and safety clothing such as trousers, T-shirts or work shoes for employees, smart shirts for staff are usually bought as optional clothing. And it is this type of clothing that is the most representative and builds the most confidence in the company, the brand, the brand and the employee.

Elegant, neat and uniform shirts with the company logo embroidered on them increase the perception of any company as professional and trustworthy. The embroidery on shirts does not have to be large and conspicuous, but rather subtle and adapted in size to the place of marking. It can be placed on the sleeve, chest or even the collar.

Embroidered shirts. What to look for when choosing

Good quality shirts with professional embroidery do not cost a fortune nowadays. Elegant company outfits cost several dozen zlotys, an expense which is one of the best investments building positive associations with the company.

If you want to buy embroidered shirts think first about the colour of the garment itself. Should it be classic white or maybe elegant blue. The choice of colours is really huge. In a second step you will need to decide on the length of the sleeves. Short-sleeved shirts are more practical for summer, while long-sleeved ones are perfect for cooler, e.g. air-conditioned rooms. The cut and cut of your corporate embroidered shirts is also not insignificant. Options include slim fit, regular or casual.

Embroidery on a company shirt. Above all, durability and aesthetics

Computer embroidery is undoubtedly the most prestigious way of decorating textiles, which makes it ideal for branding corporate clothing. The embroidered logo looks elegant, impressive and professional. It is also resistant to all kinds of mechanical damage and washing at high temperatures. Our befriended company beautifulthings , which performs sample stitches of various products for us, writes that shirts marked with computer embroidery do not fray, do not dye, do not stretch and do not lose their cut. Due to a very good quality to price ratio we recommend corporate clothing of such manufacturers as Russel or Kustom Kit.

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