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Embroidery - exclusive personalisation

  • The exclusive and prestigious method of labelling clothing
  • EXPRESS orders even in 24h !
  • Use on various textile substrates and in difficult locations 
  • High resistance to mechanical damage including abrasion, staining, fading and washing
  • Assistance  in designing prints
  • Special effects can be achieved by using fluorescent, flame retardant and metallised threads.
  • High durability and aesthetics.
  • Possibility to personalise individual pieces e.g. by embroidering names on workwear.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Possibility of embroidery on intermediate materials such as emblems and badges


A prestigious and exclusive method of personalising clothing


Embroidery is a method of decorating clothing and marking fabric. It is created using embroidery machines. It is currently one of the most durable methods of decoration as it is characterised by high quality, resistance to deformation, abrasion and washing. Computer embroidery is undoubtedly the most exclusive marking method in our offer, which enjoys great interest.
We are able to produce embroidery on a very wide range of materials - caps, towels, polo shirts, fleeces or towels.

 Labelling clothes with computer embroidery is undoubtedly one of the most durable techniques. Customers appreciate this method due to the fact that clothing marked with embroidery immediately becomes more exclusive and prestigious.

Applications and logos wykonane przy użyciu haftu sprawdzają się świetnie na odzieży która przeznaczona jest do intensywnego użytkowania np. odzieży roboczej, ponieważ jest to bardzo trwała i wytrzymała technika. Można go bez obaw prasować oraz prać w wysokich temperaturach co właśnie przy odzieży roboczej ma kluczowe znaczenie.

In our embroidery shop we use professional multi-head computerized embroidery machines, thanks to which we are able to precisely reproduce the design on the embroidered assortment. 

Embroidery is a very old technique for decorating textiles. It dates back to the mid-18th century. It was considered very expensive as it required a lot of work. Nowadays, the whole embroidery process is controlled by a computer and it takes care of precision and high repeatability of the markings made. Our embroidery machines can embroider very precisely with a speed of up to 1200 stitches per minute, , thanks to which we can make incomparably more markings with less effort than it used to be possible embroidery.

Computer embroidery on company, work and advertising clothing is a speciality of our company. Embroidered appliqués, patches and emblems are the most durable and prestigious way of labelling workwear for employees and promotional clothing for company clients.

Our extensive experience in the field of embroidery services and our extensive machine base have enabled us to reduce and optimise our computer embroidery price list as much as possible.  The prices of our services are among the lowest in the industry. For pricing of signage, patches, emblems or garments with direct or individual embroidery, please contact our sales department.

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When contacting us, you don't need to be a specialist in marking and printing. Our trained staff will be happy to listen to your questions, clear your doubts and advise you on the best method of marking. With over 16 years of experience, we can select the right technique for your project so you can enjoy a fantastic product in the best quality.

Embroidery - advantages

Computer embroidery - high durability

  • Decorations made with embroidery are, above all, highly resistant, durable and resistant to mechanical damage. Embroidery on clothes, embroidery on shirts or embroidery on caps will not fade, wash or discolour. We recommend logo embroidery on items which are used intensively, such as shoes, backpacks, towels, and workwear. 

Precision machine embroidery

  • Computer embroidery, as the name suggests, is made with the aid of computer-controlled machines, which guarantees a very good representation of the embroidered logo. Custom embroidery is precise and accurate and can be made on practically any material. To increase the precision we use polyester threads.

Low price computer embroidery

  • The price of computer embroidery depends on the size of the logo or inscription as it translates into the number of stitches (needle stitches during marking). We have multi-head embroidery machines which significantly speed up production and thus reduce the cost of embroidery itself.

Colours of clothing embroidery

  • We know very well that advertising embroidery requires the availability of many colours. Each company has its own logo and its own colours, so in order to meet this requirement, our database includes several hundred different thread colours in PANTONE colours. Special colours are also available: fluorescent, glitter, reflective and metallic.

Versatility of embroidery

  • Computer embroidery for logos is possible on practically every product.  Flat embroidery looks very nice on T-shirts, sweatshirts and polo shirts. Polos with embroidery are practically a must have for every company. Whereas 3D embroidery is a perfect choice for marking baseball caps.

Embroidery - FAQ

BODMAN has multi-head embroidery machines which optimise the execution time of orders. We are able to make even several hundred embroideries a day. Due to the specific character of computer embroidery the final price of an order depends on factors such as the number of stitches (number of needle stitches). The price is given to the customer after receiving the graphic design. We also make prints and embroidery on customer's clothes.

Computer embroidery is a very durable method of labelling clothing and textiles. A product with an emblem or a patch immediately becomes more prestigious. We are able to embroider practically every product on which it is possible to fasten a so-called tambour. Our offer includes embroidered T-shirts, embroidered sweatshirts, embroidered towels, polo shirts, fleeces, and we also embroider company shirts. We use specialised threads intended for embroidery marking.

BODMAN is an online printing company with over 16 years of experience. We have been operating on the advertising clothing marking market from the very beginning. We operate throughout Poland.  Orders are sent by the best and verified forwarding companies. We carry out orders for computer embroidery in Warsaw, Łódź, Katowice, Poznań, Gdańsk, Cracow, Szczecin

Thanks to the use of computer-controlled industrial embroidery machines, marking with embroidery is no longer as labour-intensive as it used to be, so the prices of computer embroidery are steadily falling. Nowadays, embroidery does not differ significantly in price from other techniques of decorating clothes. Logotype prints are similar in price to those made with embroidery. Clothing embroidery is one of the most prestigious decorating techniques.

There is no clear answer to this question.  It is assumed that prints are made on light clothing such as T-shirts, while embroidery looks best on heavy clothing such as jackets, sweatshirts trousers etc.  Additionally, due to the fact that they are printed on material, prints are less resistant to mechanical damage than embroidery.

We have machine threads specially designed for this type of realisation. We are able to prepare patches from virtually any PANTONE colour.

Depending on the desired logo effect, patches can be produced on various materials. Our speciality are patches on felt and codura. Embroidering patches, badges and emblems on T-shirts or other garments also has the advantage of not limiting the place of application. In traditional computer embroidery, you have to take into account that in order to embroider a logo there has to be access to the material so that you can insert the so-called tambour.

Computer embroidery - our projects

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