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Flex / Flock - because durability counts

  • Universal way to mark textiles
  • EXPRESS print jobs up to 24 h
  • Use on various textile substrates and in difficult locations
  • Excellent for single-colour prints
  • Possibility to personalise up to 1 piece
  • Cost-effective marking method
  • Very wide colour range of applied films
  • variety of substrates used - cotton, jute, polyester, felt, fleece 
  • High durability and flexibility of the print.
  • Various special effects: glitter, gold, reflective, fluorescent

Flex / Flock

best for very low volumes

Flex / Flock

FLEX foil is one of the most permanent methods of creating prints, which consists in cutting a pattern from foil covered with adhesive and then pressing it into the material with the use of a thermo-transfer press. This technique makes it possible to produce reflective, metallic and very smooth prints, as well as to obtain a convex and 3D effect. It is most often used to decorate prints and personalise clothing (names, numbers).
Thermal printing is cost-effective even for low print runs, as there is no need to prepare templates.

FLOCK is practically the same as FLEX foil, but is covered with a fleece - a print that gives the effect of suede. The cut-out pattern is pressed into the material under pressure at a high temperature. Flock can be used on all types of materials that can be heated to approximately 150°C. It allows convex printing with a characteristic fleece and velvety texture and structure of velour, the quality and aesthetics of which are unrivalled in comparison with other types of marking methods for advertising clothing.

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