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Laser engraving - light marking

  • High precision marking
  • EXPRESS print jobs up to 24H !
  • Marking on many materials wood, glass, textiles, paper, metal, plastic
  • no additional costs for preparation for decoration
  • cost-effectiveness of engraving from 1 piece
  • legibility of very small details
  • High durability of marking - the laser beam does not print but burns the surface of the marked material
  • Fast and clean process
  • Guarantee of quality and repeatability
  • Possibility of engraving serial numbers on items
  • Well-equipped machine park capable of marking up to 100 000 pieces per day
  • Experience in realization for the biggest brands in Poland and Europe

Laser engraving

best for application in difficult areas

Laser engraving

Laser engraving is a marking method using a laser beam. The computer-controlled laser beam precisely removes material from the surface of the engraved object or burns a pattern directly into the metal. Laser marking is characterized by an elegant and aesthetic appearance, it is a much more durable technique than other marking methods, it does not get destroyed under the influence of chemicals

Laser engraving is a highly valued method of marking and personalising all kinds of objects. Probably everyone associates sports statuettes with engraved inscription, or company pens on which the logo has been placed in this way. Laser engraving is also used in industrial applications where it is necessary, for example, to mark consecutive serial numbers or batch numbers on a component. Laser engraving is a quick and clean process.

We mark advertising items and industrial components using both Fiber and CO2 professional lasers. With the Fiber laser we can mark all metal objects, such as pens or key rings, and in addition, thanks to the circular engraving attachment, we can also carry out marking in circles, e.g. on cups, bottles, etc. The CO2 engraving machine is ideal for engraving on wood, PVC, Plexiglas and glass.

Laser engraving uses a light beam which heats up and transforms the surface of the item to be marked. The engraving process is fully mechanised, virtually maintenance free and controlled by computers fitted with drivers. The depth of laser engraving, and sometimes the colour, depends on the settings of the marking power and the time the laser beam acts on the item. The material from which the workpiece is made is also important. Quite differently the laser beam behaves on aluminium objects, differently on steel and still differently on wooden or glass objects. This is why the experience of the operator preparing the engraving programme is so important. The engraving technique is permanent, , precise and fast, it is characterised by high efficiency and effectiveness, thanks to which the marking of large quantities in a very short time does not cause problems. The logotype is very tasteful and aesthetic and the final item becomes more prestigious. Laser engraving can be made on various materials such as ceramics, acrylic, brass, ecological leather, metal, paper, silicone, wood, leather, aluminium, glass. 

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