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Sublimation - Full colour printing

  • Very high print durability
  • EXPRESS print even in 24h !
  • Use on various polyester textile substrates and polyester coated advertising gadgets
  • High resistance to mechanical damage including abrasion, staining, fading and washing
  • CMYK digital printing
  • Flexible printing not perceptible to the touch 
  • High durability and aesthetics.
  • Possibility of personalisation of individual pieces e.g. name printing
  • Cost-effective.
  • Wide range of applications (cups, lanyards, clothing, umbrellas, bags)
  • No pre-press costs


Full colour printing on technical clothing and promotional gadgets


Sublimation - This method is ideal for short runs as well as for large print runs. Sublimation is a simple and efficient technique for making high-quality prints, which consists in melting dye into polyester fibres of a T-shirt or ceramics covered with polyester. The result is a high-quality permanent image that does not fade, peel, crack or wash away. In this case, we obtain bright colour shades. The sublimation print is printed in full CMYK colour as standard.

sublimation lotto shirts full colour print

Sublimation printing is classified as a thermal transfer printing technique. The necessary factor for this process is high temperature, which enables sublimation, i.e. the transition from solid to gaseous state of the dye. Such a dye, being in a volatile state, penetrates the structure of the object, colouring its surface.

Sublimation printing is carried out on paper covered with a polymer which, when exposed to high temperature, loosens its structure, creating the so-called micropores. At this stage, the ink in the solid phase is pigmented. After printing, the carrier is placed in the thermal press and under the influence of high temperature, which depends on the sublimated product, the pigments from the ink change into a gaseous state and volatilise. Under the pressure of the press, the released gases are directed at the sublimated surface and penetrate the structure of the product.

Druk w technice sublimacji staje się coraz bardziej popularny. Nadruki wykonane w tej technice są praktycznie niewyczuwalne w dotyku, są trwałe i nie kruszą się, a tekstylia można prać w pralce nawet w wysokich temperaturach . Nadruki sublimacyjne, są także odporne na warunki atmosferyczne takie jak deszcz, śnieg czy światło UV, które to warunkują że sublimacja doskonale sprawdza się np. w druku flag reklamowych czy innych materiałach do zastosowań 'outdoor'.

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