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UV printing - full colour printing

  • Digital way to mark gadgets
  • EXPRESS print jobs up to 24 h
  • Printing on flat objects: pvc, dibond, plexiglass, glass, mdf, cardboard, advertising gadgets
  • Photographic quality prints
  • Possibility to print very small details
  • Weather resistance of UV print
  • True colour reproduction.
  • the print is highly durable and resistant to abrasion
  • UV printing with ecological and environmentally friendly solvent-free inks
  • White ink printing possible
  • The print is cured with UV light and changes from a liquid to a solid state resembling a thin plastic film

UV printing

Full colour print without minimum quantities

UV printing

Digital UV printing is used to make full-colour prints on various substrates. This technology allows for digital printing on materials that cannot be marked with standard methods such as screen printing or pad printing. The prints (CMYK + white) are made directly on the object in high resolution and then cured with UV rays, ensuring intense colours, perfect coverage and adhesion to the substrate.

Thanks to the use of white inks, we can easily print on dark materials.

The UV printing method uses solvent-free polymer inks and the printout is cured by UV light. The emission of UV light starts the whole process called ink polymerisation. As a result of this process we obtain dried and hardened ink on the marked object. The printout has the form of a thin layer of solidified coloured polymer, commonly known as plastic. The print is strong and durable, and a characteristic feature of this method of decoration is that the printed graphics are tactile.

The UV printing process is almost identical to that of inkjet printers. The difference, however, is the type of pigments used and the final UV light exposure.

The method of marking with UV Print ma zastosowanie na wielu materiałach. Jedynym wymogiem jest to aby powierzchnia przedmiotu, na którym ma znaleźć się nadruk była płaska. Drukujemy praktycznie na każdym 'twardym’ materiale takim jak: płyty PCV, dibond, plexa, mdf, szkło, a także na przedmiotach i gadżetach reklamowych. Druk UV na tych przedmiotach i materiałach jest bardzo trwały i odporny na ścieranie a kolory mocno nasycone, przez co wygląda bardzo efektownie.

UV printing is an environmentally friendly technique. The inks are odourless and do not emit harmful substances. UV printing is resistant to atmospheric conditions and does not fade under UV light, which makes it possible to use it in outdoor advertising.

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