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FLEX / FLOCK Transfer


FLEX foil is one of the most durable method making prints. It consists in cutting the pattern from the film covered with adhesive and next welding it into the material using a thermal transfer press. This technique gives possibility performing reflective prints, metalic and really plain and allows you to create 3d effect. Most often it is used to decorate prints and personalization of clothing (names, numbers).
The thermal printer is cost effective even at low cost, as there is no need to prepare dies.

FLOCK is practically the same as FLEX but is covered with a napkin – print gives a suede effect. Cut pattern is welding on material under pressure in high temperature. FLOCK can be used on all king of material which can be heated up to about 150°C. This foil gives convex print with characteristic nap, velvety texture and velor structure which quality and esthetic is matchless in comparison with other types methods of marking advertising clothing.

FLEX and FLOCK foil transfer is perfect for marking clothing and other items, and also allows personalization, e.g. numbering of sports clothing. Gives excellent coverage and flexibility.
Folie FLEX i FLOCK stosowane są głównie w mniejszych ilościach, dzięki czemu cena jednostkowa nadruku jest atrakcyjna. Można wykonać nadruk już od jednej sztuki.
The available range of FLEX and FLOCK films allows for 3D printing, with the effect of convexity, reflective, glitter, metallic, smooth, etc.